Form Fill Authentication Issues

We are experiencing issues with Form-Fill Authentication, the actual use-case we are trying to achieve is the Login Form has a method POST and have three fields, Username/password and an extra  hidden field passwordAd which is used to connect with their backend AD server to check the Authenticity of the Actual User. 
What we are getting is, while we enabled auto submit option and doing inspect options the JavaScript element is not having Username/Password values, in fact they are blank meaning our credentials are not being posted during submit.

We are suspecting the Javascript functions are not being called while the Form is Submitted. we also added the couple of functions part of our loginform and enabled the JavaScript with appropriate Login fields, but still getting the same issue that the credentials are not being posted and re-directed to login page all the time.

Kindly help us to dig this further. Thank you Very much in Advance.


Siva Kotha.