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Provide REST API for all admin console functionalities

Status : New Idea
11 months ago

Our customers are investing massively on IT automation (with tools like Ansible).

So they want to be able to script and automate all admin console daily tasks like create a proxy, modify it, create a new SAML application, manage policies ...

Actually (in NAM 4.5) the REST API is very limited to some tasks. We need in future version that all admin console tasks could be performed by REST API call.


  • I have a bug raised for the IDP Methods API .. But even with that fixed, I still need to manually create the method in the console (create not supported in the API), and the API doesn't support managing the user stores in the method ..
    I can't tell my boss that its automated in this 8 step process where steps 2,4,6,8 are manually done in the console