Disabling selinux. Permanently?


documentation requires to disable selinux beeore installing linux client (PAM module).

Customer complains very much about it.

Is it this limitation required only for installation time or selinux must be disabled permanently icl. run time?

Regards, Dariusz
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  • jrochamtz;2499113 wrote:
    Hello George,

    I installed AdvancedAuthLogonClients-6.2 on CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 and it requires to disable SElinux permanently. Is there any instructive to create/activate custom SElinux rules and make pam client work with SElinux enabled?

    Thank you!


    Our QA team just revalidated the related tests and they were able to install CentOS version 6.2.63 with SELINUX=enforcing.
    Can you provide some more details about the issue?