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Announcing General Availability of ArcSight Smart Connectors

We are pleased to announce the release of ArcSight SmartConnector 7.10.0.

The following key new features are available with this version:

A new Smart Connector for Microsoft Azure Event Hub

Smart Connectors Support Recently added:

Microsoft Exchange Mail Box Store, Version update Exchange 2010.
Apache Tomcat Version Update 8 and 9
Improved parsing and mapping for:
Snort Multiple File Connector
NetApp Filer Syslog
McAfee Network Security Manager Syslog
Symantec Endpoint Protection DB Config
IBM AIX Syslog
Microsoft DNS Multiple Server File
Linux Audit Syslog
Fortinet FortiGate Syslog
MS Office 365
Checkpoint Syslog
MS SQL Server Audit Win Event Log Native Config
Cisco ASA Syslog
Cisco IOS Syslog
F5 BIG-IP Syslog
Citrix NetScaler Syslog
Juniper Firewall ScreenOS Syslog
Juniper JUNOS Syslog
Oracle Audit Syslog
HPE Integrated Lights-Out Syslog

Various security fixes, feature updates, and bug fixes


For more information, please check the Release Notes. You can find documentation a on Protect 724.

The Smart Connector Framework releases are available on the SSO Portal.


We would like to obtain your feedback regarding the usage of Smart Connectors. Knowing about your environment and which connectors are most important, will help us better maintain and update ArcSight Connectors.

Typically it takes around 15 minutes to complete the survey.

ArcSight Connector Usage Survey

In advance, we thank you for your time and feedback


Thank you,

ArcSight Product Team

  • Hi,

    there is bug in software support portal that aup version of connector is downloaded as .zip which is not supported by ArcMC for direct upload and you need to manually change extension to .aup . BTW file on portal is named correctly with .aup extension just downloaded file doesn't follow this naming convention.



  • Sorry Stepan,

    its probably your browser doing this, i tested with IE, and it keeps the aup ending.

    If i use chrome, it will replace aup to zip



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