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Now Available: ArcSight 2020.2 - Including Recon 1.0, Interset 6.1, ESM 7.3, Logger 7.1, and more...

The ArcSight Product Team is pleased to announce ArcSight 2020.2, which introduces a number of upgrades to the ArcSight platform, and premieres our new logging and investigation tool, ArcSight Recon.

General Availability - ArcSight 2020.2

We are excited to announce the general availability of our Micro Focus ArcSight 2020.2 release! After 20 years in the SIEM space, ArcSight has evolved into a single, Intelligent SOC platform that delivers real-time correlation, behavioral analytics, and advanced threat hunting. This release marks a significant accomplishment in our mission to make SecOps more simple, open and intelligent.

ArcSight 2020.2 offers SOCs a simple approach through a holistic SecOps platform benefiting from a shared UI and a unified storage solution. ArcSight Recon, our new threat hunting and log management solution, consolidates the collection and storage of security event data into a single repository that can be used for all your SecOps needs. Recon joins ESM and Interset on Fusion, our new ArcSight UI. Further, Interset’s new release marks its first general availability within the ArcSight family, and fully integrates the Behavioral Analytics solution into the ArcSight architecture.

Our team works tirelessly to provide a solution that is open to your ever-expanding security environment. Cloud integration in particular has been greatly expanded in this release, ArcSight now features cloud-native deployments and enhanced support for Microsoft Azure and AWS. 

ArcSight continues to improve the intelligence of its layered analytics by combining machine learning, correlation, and powerful threat hunting. With its intuitive interface and unified platform, ArcSight improves your SOC’s ability to find and react to threats in your organization.

ArcSight 2020.2 features the releases of ArcSight Recon 1.0 (Next generation Logging/Investigate solution), ArcSight Interset 6.1, ArcSight ESM 7.3, ArcSight Fusion 1.1 (our new UI), ArcSight Logger 7.1, Transformation Hub 3.3, ArcMC 2.9.5 and SmartConnectors 8.0. Below are listed the key features and improvements of our second ArcSight 2020 release. Please refer to the ArcSight Documentation pages for each product (cited below) for more complete information. 

ArcSight Recon 1.0 - Logging and Investigation



ArcSight Recon is a comprehensive log management and search solution that eases compliance burdens and accelerates forensic investigation for security professionals. It combines the compliance, storage and reporting needs of log management with the capabilities of big-data search and analysis. Recon is built for security event logs and is therefore more intuitive and accessible for security analysts, it won’t require a DBA to operate. It helps hunt and defeat threats by unifying data logs from across organizations, processing billions of events, and quickly making them available for search, visualization and reporting. Recon helps SOC analysts gain a deeper understanding of alerts across their organization and plays an important role in ArcSight’s mission to deliver powerful layered analytics.

  • User friendly search displays grid or message views, time-based histogram, dynamic query suggestions and search time horizons, UI dark theme, and syntax highlighting
  • Raw message view allows analysts to inspect original, unformatted event logs
  • Event detail panel allows detail inspection for selected events
  • Unified Platform updates to enable routing, filtering and storage for all ArcSight products 
  • Reporting content packages to create, edit and publish reports
  • MITRE ATT&CK reports are available as pre-built content
  • Outlier detection visualizes deviations from baseline host behavior metrics 
  • Single ID and password to access all products within the ArcSight suite

ArcSight Interset 6.1 - Behavioral Analytics

This release provides unmatched visibility with a layered analytics approach through ArcSight architecture alignment including analytical engine, storage, and data movement components. This release allows customers to have an easier path to adding in the complete set of Interset capabilities, which are complimentary to ArcSight’s real-time correlation engine. There have been multiple improvements to performance focused around more efficient results, and simplified deployment through a unified platform.

  • Joining the ArcSight architecture allows Interset to simplify deployment with more efficient and enriched analytics
  • Enhanced use case detection through the exercising of additional models 
  • Reduced footprint by more accurately sizing environments and resources
  • Integration with Recon for a unified user experience 
  • Simplified and intuitive installation through the Micro Focus Container Deployment Framework
  • Improved analytics flexibility through the updated risk engine which sets the stage for enhanced feedback features, investigation and hunting experiences
  • Unified and extensible user experience through personalized dashboards and Jump and Search features which suit different personas and use cases, using ArcSight UI components, in one view
  • Pluggable UX components for a customizable environment both within and outside the product for a more holistic view

ArcSight ESM 7.3 - Real-time Threat Detection

  • Greater ArcSight Fusion adoption including the option for SecOps administrators to access ArcSight Command Center directly from the new Fusion UI for simpler SIEM management
  • Interactive API documentation through Swagger integration supports a standards-based approach to REST APIs
  • Performance improvements to lists, actor data, and list update speeds
  • Avro ingestion from Transformation Hub, in addition to ESM Binary format

ArcSight Fusion 1.1 – New Layered Analytics UI

  • New Fusion widget SDK (Software Development Kit) enables developers to build their own Fusion widgets, and to publish them to the ArcSight Marketplace
  • ArcSight Recon support with new widgets to convey system health of the Recon infrastructure

ArcSight Logger 7.1 – Log Management

  • Enhanced search UI provides a new navbar, exporting, field summary and saved searches
  • Persisted search results that can be loaded on UI for monitoring
  • Definable Logger roles allow administrators to tune Logger resources based on role
  • Logger peer monitoring enables editing of Logger peer status for searches
  • Data forwarding to Transformation Hub and other Kafka-based message buses 
  • Cloud integration allows Logger to forward data to AWS for archiving
  • Updated libraries for PostgreSQL
  • Unified platform updates to enable routing, filtering and storage for all ArcSight products
  • Storage improvements for more data in the same disk space

Security Open Data Platform - Data Collection, Routing, and Distribution

Transformation Hub 3.3

  • Cloud-native deployment available to leverage Azure services and capabilities
  • Unified platform updates to enable routing, filtering and storage for all ArcSight products
  • CDF doctor available for troubleshooting features of CDF 
  • ZSTD compression is supported, performs better than GZIP compression
  • Updated libraries for RHEL and CentOS
  • Connector support for latest release v8.0

ArcSight Management Center 2.9.5

  • Cloud support for Transformation Hub and Connectors in Azure
  • Unified platform updates to enable routing, filtering and storage for all ArcSight products
  • ZSTD compression is supported, performs better than GZIP compression
  • Updated libraries for RHEL and CentOS, PostgreSQL, Azul Java
  • Connector support for latest release v8.0

SmartConnectors 8.0  

  • Cloud-native support for Azure and AWS, including connectors for AWS S3 and Security Hub
  • Un-obfuscated parsers allow access to parser definitions
  • Updated support for newest Micro Focus Security, Risk and Governance products
  • Improved Connector Load Balancer to increase security
  • ZSTD compression is supported, performs better than GZIP compression
  • Customizable roles to tailor memory allocations for Connectors (with Logger)
  • Updated libraries for RHEL and CentOS


Documentation can be found as follows:


Please note that the above documentation pages will be updated throughout the day and may not all be immediately available.

You will be able to access the new software from the software entitlement portal.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.

Finally, we recommend checking out last week’s ArcSight 2020 webinar as well as our SecOps Unplugged YouTube channel (including our ArcSight 2020.2 video update, which covers the highlights of this release).  We also have exciting news about our recent SOAR acquisition available in our security blog.

Thank you,

ArcSight Product Team

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