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Now Available: ArcSight 2022.1 - Including Recon 1.4, SOAR 3.2, ESM 7.6, Intelligence 6.4, and more...

General Availability – ArcSight 2022.1

We are excited to announce the general availability of ArcSight 2022.1! With our latest release, ArcSight offers columnal/shared storage to provide smart and cost-effective log storage to organizations. Customers can tie storage costs directly to business needs by provisioning the right amount of computer resources for queries and the right amount of storage resources for data. Separating computing resources from data storage brings flexibility, elastic scalability, operational simplicity, and intelligence to the log management needs of modern SOCs.

ArcSight’s smart database keeps the primary copy of your data in the communal storage, while the local cache serves as the secondary copy. Adding and removing nodes does not redistribute the primary copy. This shared storage model enables elasticity, making it both efficient and cost-effective to adapt the cluster resources to fit the usage pattern of the cluster. If a node goes down, other nodes are not impacted. Node restarts are super-fast and no recovery is needed.

There is no need to keep track of and load/unload long term retention event data explicitly. The ArcSight database can bring them automatically to the cache on demand and move them out at rest.

Introducing Galaxy Threat Acceleration Program—Basic (GTAP Basic). To complement the functionality of our new threat research program CyberRes Galaxy (released earlier this year), CyberRes has provided ArcSight customers with added interoperability between ArcSight SIEM and Galaxy’s curated threat intelligence. ArcSight ESM customers are entitled to install GTAP Basic, which automatically incorporates threat monitoring content for ArcSight. GTAP Basic offers increased coverage against modern threats and campaigns and grants better visibility of industry threats.

CyberRes Galaxy Threat Acceleration Plus (GTAP+) is the premium version of our threat intelligence feed, specifically built for ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager. It incorporates insights from Galaxy’s threat research network and provides ArcSight customers with proactive defenses. It increases your coverage against modern threats and threat campaigns by providing more visibility, reducing false positives, and automating threat response.

Galaxy’s superior content facilitates out-of-the-box threat detection and response for ArcSight ESM and powers advanced implementation of ATT&CK and D3FEND countermeasures. It provides threat monitoring content that’s always on and always up to date. It eliminates blind spots and helps stop breaches before they occur, packaged in a solution that can be installed and operational within minutes.

Fearlessly shift to the cloud with ArcSight SIEM as a Service — We have introduced log management and compliance capabilities as a service to provide a no-hassle security experience by eliminating the cost of buying, installing, and managing servers and simplifying and empowering security operations. There is minimal up-front cost when switching to SaaS and little to no maintenance cost. The ArcSight team takes care of all the servers, hardware, and maintenance on behalf of the customer to eliminate security infrastructure concerns. With auto-updates, customers can run on the latest and greatest versions and benefit from the capability improvements immediately.

As part of our mission to elevate security operations, ArcSight SaaS offers an intelligent, holistic security operation stack with advanced threat hunting, log management, and compliance capabilities in a scalable, no-hassle environment. It provides a very detailed view into exactly what is happening in an organization by turning data into visualizations and actions.

With the latest ArcSight SOAR 3.2 release, we have added 20 more plugin integrations, including threat intelligence databases, cloud services, and IT service managers. We have also developed 16 new playbooks to help customers orchestrate and automate their incident response and speed up case management needs. New dashboards and reports have been added, covering open cases, closed cases, integration history, and integration summary. In addition, SOAR reports now have the same look and feel as the rest of the ArcSight portfolio.

ArcSight 2022.1 features new releases of:

  • ArcSight SIEM as a Service
  • ArcSight ESM 7.6
  • ArcSight Intelligence 6.4
  • ArcSight Fusion 1.5
  • ArcSight Recon 1.4
  • ArcSight SOAR 3.2
  • Transformation Hub 3.6
  • ArcSight Management Center 3.1
  • ArcSight SmartConnectors 8.3
  • ArcSight Logger 7.2.1 (December 2021)

The key features and improvements of our ArcSight 2022.1 release are listed below. Please refer to the individual release notes (cited in this document) for more complete information.

Platform Highlights

  • ArcSight smart log storage brings intelligence, scalability, flexibility, elasticity, and time & cost effectiveness to storage needs.
  • ArcSight SIEM as a Service Log Management and Compliance capabilities to fearlessly shift to Micro Focus hosted cloud services.
  • Cloud-native deployment in Azure and AWS of additional components to bring flexible deployment options and decrease hardware requirements for the overall ArcSight portfolio.
  • Simplified reporting for MSSP customers to automatically perform quarterly reporting.
  • Galaxy Threat Intelligence Feed to provide curated threat intelligence aligned with our free online Galaxy program, to enable quick detection of threats.
  • ArcSight Fusion 1.5, which includes a new capability for MSS Partners that enables them to easily analyze and issue reports on their daily and monthly EPS usage.
  • 20 new SOAR integrations, including threat intelligence databases, cloud services, and IT service managers.
  • Pixel perfect ArcSight SOAR reports to visualize desired reports and turn data into visualizations.
  • 16 new SOAR playbooks to empower SOCs with automated orchestration.
  • Log4j upgrades, including previously-released patch fixes to address Log4j vulnerabilities.

Component Highlights

ArcSight ESM 7.6

  • Integration with Active Directory (AD) enables SOCs to manage their ArcSight ESM user/group memberships through their AD users and groups.
  • Enhanced SSO in Fusion, to better support external authentication sources (e.g., Microsoft 365).
  • Notification management now enables you to clear notifications at an individual or group level.
  • Improved list performance in Distributed Mode installations.
  • New APIs for rules and lists.
  • Currency updates to Java, SQL, Kafka, and OS.
  • Stability, security, and performance enhancements.

ArcSight Recon 1.4

  • ArcSight smart log storage brings intelligence, scalability, flexibility, elasticity, and time & cost effectiveness to meet storage needs.
  • Scheduled searches to save time spent searching, analyzing, and threat hunting.
  • Search Query and Search Criteria to save the query and re-use it again and again as needed.
  • Event Integrity check to identify modifications and corruptions on the data.
  • License enhancements to support MSSPs with reporting needs.
  • PCI, ITGOV compliance packages to ease the burden of compliance reporting.
  • Logger to Recon Migration tool to migrate Logger customers to Recon 1.4.
  • Backup & Restore of Event data to be available when needed.
  • 90-day Recon Free Trial is available to customers.


  • Scheduled Searches
  • Data Quality Dashboard improvements
  • Daylight Saving Time enhancement
  • AWS and Azure deployment enhancements

ArcSight SIEM as a Service

  • User-friendly search displays grid or message views and a timebased histogram.
  • Search time horizon expression dynamically to derive search time horizon from user-defined expression.
  • Syntax highlighting for improved search command readability.
  • Raw message view for analysts to inspect original, unformatted event logs.
  • Event detail panel for detailed inspection of selected events.
  • Unified platform to enable routing, filtering, and storage for all ArcSight products.
  • Outlier detection to visualize deviations from baseline host behavior metrics.
  • Data Quality Dashboard to display detailed information about the gap between Device Receipt Time from the raw event, versus the time when the event persisted.
  • New user preferences for search parameters, display formats, and limits.
  • Independent retention periods per storage group for up to 10 groups, allowing sets of logs to be retained for different periods and improving search performance.
  • Pixel perfect reports and interactive dashboards to create, edit, publish, and visualize desired reports in order to increase visibility across the security landscape.
  • 100+ out-of-the box reports/dashboards, covering cloud, monitoring, and OWASP.
  • Import and export of reports, dashboards, and related content to simplify sharing and reviewing.
  • Data modeler to provide an integrated view and understanding of all the data available in a customer’s environment.

ArcSight SOAR 3.2

  • 20 new SOAR integrations, including threat intelligence databases, cloud services, and IT service managers.
  • Pixel perfect reports for SOAR to visualize desired reports and turn data into visualizations.
  • 16 new SOAR playbooks to empower SOCs with automated orchestration and help speed up incident response.
  • Cloud-native deployment in Azure and AWS to provide flexible deployment options and decrease hardware requirements

ArcSight Intelligence 6.4

  • MITRE ATT&CK coverage documentation enables improved understanding of the value of data sources to detect types of threats.
  • New Fusion dashboard widgets improve the visual threat hunting experience.
  • Adoption of Fusion masthead creates a more cohesive UI.

ArcSight Transformation Hub 3.6

  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Detailed documentation available here.

ArcSight Management Center 3.1

  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Detailed documentation available here.

ArcSight SmartConnectors 8.3

  • New Galaxy Threat Acceleration Program Plus (GTAP+) SmartConnector connects to Galaxy’s premium curated threat intelligence feed to facilitate automated defense.
  • New Galaxy Threat Acceleration Program Basic (GTAP Basic) SmartConnector connects to Galaxy’s basic threat intelligence feed, available to ArcSight customers at no additional charge.
  • Documentation for reference of ArcSight Connectors.

ArcSight Logger 7.2.1 (released in December 2021)

  • Maintenance release addressing security vulnerabilities and other issues found in Logger 7.2.

Documentation can be found as follows:

We recommend attending the upcoming Micro Focus Universe event on March 20-22 (AMERICAS + EMEA) and April 5-7 (APJ) to learn more about the future of ArcSight and the future of security operations. You can read about the ArcSight related sessions in our recent blog. We also recommend attending our upcoming event CyberRes Galaxy: A Constellation of Threat Research on March 10 to learn more about how Galaxy can complement your SOC and risk management tasks. 

Finally, we recommend checking out our ArcSight Unplugged YouTube channel for new and future video content covering ArcSight and security operations in general.

Thank you,

ArcSight Product Team


  • Where is the "SmartConnector (that) connects to Galaxy’s basic threat intelligence feed"? I can't find it anywhere. There is no specific binary setup and no specific choice in the connector installer. Thanks!

  • Suggested Answer


    Galaxy SmartConnector is all that is needed to connect to Galaxy Threat Feed. During installation, it provides options to connect to "GTAP Basic" and "GTAP Plus". GTAP stands for "Galaxy Threat Acceleration Program".

    Galaxy SmartConnector -just like any other SmartConnector- can be downloaded from "Micro Focus SLD - Software Licenses and Downloads" portal @

    Once there, select:

    Product: ArcSight Standard Connectors

    Product Name: ArcSight SmartConnectors Subscription SW E-LTU

    Version: 8.3

    Then, down below select either of the 2 options for Linux or Windows platform deployment:

    • ArcSight-
    • ArcSight-

    I hope this will be helpful.


    Emrah Alpa

  • Thanks a lot, really can't find it in the usual places, I'm downloading it.

  • Hello, 
    Where do i find more details about APIs and their capabilities?

    Do new APIs have CRUD features on rules?

    I would like to manage rules written via APIs is it possible? 

    New APIs for rules and lists.