Including current year and week of the year in ESM reports

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I need to schedule weekly reports in ESM and send them by email and, in the email subject, it must be specified the current week of the year when the report is being submitted.

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished? I've carried out several tests and it seems to be working only with a few variables like $Now, $Today, $CurrentWeek, ...

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    Velocity parameters are somewhat more limited in reports than they are for everything else.  The ArcSight Console User guide (6.11) contains some additional detail.  Page 1011 is where you'll want to start.  Page 997 contains all supported timestamp functions.

    Velocity template based variables are held only in memory and, therefore, can be used only in
    Rules, Filters, and Data Monitors. Velocity template based variables cannot be used in resources
    like Reports, which rely on persisted data. (There is a set of velocity references specifically for use
    in Reports. See "Velocity References for Reports" on page 1011 for more information.)

    You Could try something like this in the "Email Subject" under the Parameters tab.

    $CurrentWeek | $ReportName

     Output: 05-29-2017 | Name of Report

    Here are some additional time fields available in reports...


    $ReportName | $CurrentDateTime | $CurrentDate | $CurrentWeek | $CurrentMonth | $CurrentYear

    Output: Name | 05-31-2017-16:08:40 | 05-31-2017 | 05-29-2017 | 05-2017 | 2017

    Hope it helps.

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