McAfee Connector - DB populates deviceAddress/HostName rather than device

Hey guys,

Our McAfee Connector populates deviceAddress and deviceHostName fields with the device that triggered the AV rather than the DBs the connectors are actually pulling from.

The event mapping points to deviceProductHostName - is this something someone else has run into and is there a way to swap it back to the DB for proper device validation and reporting?

A lot of our stuff is reporting twice now due to this.

If we did want to track the device triggering the AV I see destination and source hostname are populated with the same devices populated deviceAddress and deviceHostName

  • You could "fix" it using a parser override. However the ePO connector is quite complex, meaning there are a lot of parsers involved. You´d have to check each one (for those products you are collecting from the database) if deviceHostName/deviceAddress are mapped and write an override for that field.

    What I do for my customers is deactivate sensor asset creation in ESM if there is a log source like ePO... otherwise you end up with a lot of assets beeing reported. Also ArcMC's "Devices by Device Type" gets pretty useless sadly.

  • Exactly and for reporting there's manual effort required in cleaning that up - its all rather annoying.
    Destination and Source host fields are sufficient I'd say, wonder why its being done this way