How to fill-up to fulfill "Connector Device Status" (agent:043) event.




I have a technical question about "agent:043" event which is named "Connector Device Status".

I would like to get all "Connector Device Status" event filled deviceCustomDate1, deviceCustomString1 and deviceCustom2 in 100%

Is it possible?

In my lab, deviceCustomString1 and deviceCustomString2 field requires to be populated when deviceAddress and deviceHostName is mapped by parser, so I mapped  these fields statistically through

And, I have a dnsmasq DNS server which is able to query all the other hosts.

My connectors lookup any host information through above dnsmasq DNS server.

The dnsmasq DNS server resolves on query of any hostname to /etc/hosts.

However, some events are still occurring without dcs1, dcs2 fields, some events has NO dcd1 field.

Please look at the following image.

Please any idea of this case?

Thank you!


  • Do you have aggregation enabled at the SmartConnectors?

  • Agree with Shaun, high probability that you need to add the device custom string/date/number fields to the connector aggregation for this to come through...  Custom string 1/2 are reliant on the vendor/product being populated in the base messages, so if you have events that aren't being parsed properly, these fields will be blank, and that is expected behavior.

    You should be able to tell if the issue is aggregation by adding the 'Aggregated event count' field to your active channel.  If the events with empty fields have a count > 1 then its probably the culprit.