How do you troubleshoot ArcSight report template scripts?

I am attempting to add some scripts to an ArcSight template in order to show/hide elements depending on whether there is content inside them. I am also hoping to add some basic logic to do things like SUM all the cells in a particular column and then add that value to a text box element.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the scripts to work at all.  I have followed examples in the Report Designer Help to try basic colour changes to just see if I can get any results and the use of throws an error: java.awt.Color[....] is not a function.

When I try setting the visible flag to false nothing happens.

Are there any prerequisites to getting the script functionality in the Report Designer to work? Or is there a way to troubleshoot the scripts?

  • I haven't found anything to assist in troubleshooting the report designer scripts.

    What I have discovered is as follows:

    1. When adding a script to an object you do not need to call that object by ID.   You can reference its various properties directly (properties like table, data, cellBackground).   For example, to identify the length of a table with an ID of Table1, you would simply use the command table.length, you don't need to worry about calling this or Table1.

    2.  Set colours using RGB values, not the java.awtColor codes in the documentation. So cellBackground[rowID][coldID] = [100,100,100]