Is there a way to pull ArcMC users' list from backend - database?

Is there a way to pull ArcMC users' list from backend - database?


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  • Hello,

    1) If you are referring to list of local user on ArcMC used to log into ArcMC, yes it would be possible.
    2) This would be done via DB but for Customers there is no need to access DB as all functionalities that are needed are already in GUI.
    3) By accessing DB you can make your ArcCM unoperational, usually DB is used if ArcMC GUI does not work as designed as temporary workaround.
    4) If you have specific issue I would suggest to create Service Request so it can be checked in more details.



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    I am not responsible if this causes issues on your system.  Support states that we should only access the command line for trouble shooting purposes at their direction.  I find that the Web GUI does not provide a single screenshot or report with the information I require.  


    This is the command line I use on an Appliance Logger and Appliance ArcMC to pull a list of users and the groups they are assigned.

    /opt/local/pgsql/bin/psql rwdb web -c "select usr.user_login, usr.user_first_name, usr.user_last_name, ug.user_group_name from public.users usr left join public.user_group_mems ugm on (usr.user_id_seq = ugm.user_id_seq) join public.user_groups ug on (ugm.user_group_id_seq = ug.user_group_id_seq) order by usr.user_login, ug.user_group_name;"


    Output will be in the format (ArcMC):

     user_login  | user_first_name | user_last_name |      user_group_name
    ------------- ----------------- ---------------- ----------------------------
     admin       | Default         | Admin          | Default ArcMC Rights Group
     admin       | Default         | Admin          | Default System Admin Group
     user1       | Joe             | User           | Default ArcMC Rights Group
     user1       | Joe             | User           | Default System Admin Group


    The public.users table contains other columns that can be useful but were not required for my purposes.