ArcSight ESM EPS License Audit

I want to know about ArcSight ESM 7.0 License Audit (Device Event Class ID=license:106) Log

Whats the meaning of Device Custom Number 2(EPS Breach Count Limit) = -1 and Why Device Custom Number 1(Current EPS Limit Breach Count)=0 while our Current EPS was higher than our EPS License Limit in 2 days?

  • Hi Daei,


    I have the same for ESM v6.9.1, the -1 means that it is disabled which means that you have no EPS breach limit and this is specifically why the other field is 0 because you won't never be up your limit as there is no limit.

    Most of the time, in ADP mode in Logger, when you are over your limit you can still collect events but you cannot launch searches. I don't think there is such limitation with ESM.

    Do not forget that the breach is not instantly but in average in ArcSight.