smart connector for NSM


I want to connect NSM using the (ID-Based) connector.

The NSM database is version 5.5.5-10.3.20-MariaDB.

When I try to configure a connector, I get the following error:

Connector parameters did not pass the verification with error [0:Unable to open a connection to [jdbc:mysql://].
(Driver:oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver@93b151 returned null for URL:jdbc:mysql://
] for connector [a15-mcafee-ips-id]. Do you still want to continue?

1. I set up the user on the base according to the documentation for the connector.

2. I have a connection to the base. checked via telnet:

root@con1 mysql]# telnet 3306
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
]?`G$z^E!~m'u;ca>Sd|cmysql_native_passwordConnection closed by foreign host

3. I checked "mysql-connecetor-java" drivers in versions: 8.21, 5.1.40 (should be correct for the dbase).

Please help







  • I've been fighting JDBC connection issues myself and cannot get the connector to initialize the jdbc drivers no matter what I do. If you figure it out please post the solution here.

    If you're using 8.1 version connector, then you actually need to download the IBM DB2 drivers apparently instead of the MySQL drivers. This is stated in the NSM guide under 'download mysql driver section'. But are we then still supposed to chose the mysql driver? Or DB2 driver? I cannot get either to work regardless.

    Finally, I see your error references "Oracle"... Might be a simple issue of you selecting the wrong driver during connector install.