ArcSight Videos - resources, locations and links!

One thing that we haven't done well in the past is to provide a good libraries of videos for customers and partners to watch, learn and share. Thankfully some people have taken it upon themselves to do this and we actually have a pretty good spread of them.

All links below are on YouTube (public) or on Protect724, so you should all have access without an issue. Most are demo's, but we can all learn something I am sure. However, its a start and something that I will add to and update over time.

And please, if you have a video, are prepared to create a video or anything - please do it - lets get it up on YouTube and shared!

Showcases, demos and how-to videos:

Shane Lilley -

Creating Flex Connectors to use within the Syslog Smart Connector Framework for HP ArcSight

Using Expression Setters in HP ArcSight Connectors

Creating a flex connector with Extra Processors for HP ArcSight

Creating a key / value token flex connector for HP ArcSight

Creating a regex flex connector for HP ArcSight

Sri Karnam - Demo of HP ArcSight ESM 6.8c new release

HP marketing - Reports and Dashboards with HP ArcSight Logger 11 09

HP marketing - Unstructured Data Management with HP ArcSight Logger 11 09

Mouse Krause - Deploying HP ArcSight Logger on CentOS and configuring to collect logs

Mouse Krause - Install and configure Linux CentOS to deploy HP ArcSight Logger 5 3 v2

Kerem Ozturk - HP ArcSight Linux Smart Connector Install

Kerem Ozturk - HP ArcSight SmartConnector install on Windows Server

Kerem Ozturk - HP ArcSight Configuring Failover Destinations on SmartConnector

Paul Brettle -

HP ArcSight SmartConnector troubleshooting

ArcSight SmartConnector Logfu demo

HP ArcSight ESM demonstration – short

HP ArcSight ESM Web interface demo

HP ArcSight Windows SmartConnector

HP ArcSight Linux SmartConnector

HP UBA Install demo

HP UBA Demo 3

HP UBA Demo 2

HP UBA Demo 1

Logger iPhone app

Logger 6.0 iPad app

Logger 6.0 install AWS

Logger 6 demo scenario 9 – transaction

Logger 6 demo scenario 8 - regex credit cards

Logger 6 demo scenario 7 – regex

Logger 6 demo scenario 6 – appdev

Logger 6 demo scenario 5 – compliance

Logger 6 demo scenario 4 - security use

Logger 6.0 install

Logger 6 demo scenario 3- simple investigation

Logger 6 demo scenario 2 – categorization

Logger 6 demo scenario 1 - Lookup list

Installation of ESM 6.5

RepSM install demo

ArcSight Logger API - The code - Henrik Olsson

ArcSight Logger API demo by Henrik Olsson

Logger 6 threat dashboard

Logger 6 lookup dashboard

Logger 6 list lookup example

Logger 6 take me to

Logger 6 software install

Logger Search with Regex Helper

Logger Peer search setup and use

ArcSight ESM / Express Console training:

ArcSight Console training - Part 1

ArcSight Console training - part 2

ArcSight Console Training - part 3

ArcSight Console Training - part 4

ArcSight Console Training - part 5

ArcSight Console Training - Part 6

ArcSight Console Training - Part 7

Logger Search training:

ArcSight Logger Search Training

ArcSight ESM Example Scenarios / Demos:

Real-time And Analytics- ESM with UBA - the value of 1 1=3

ArcSight Pattern Discovery demo

ArcSight Interactive Discovery Demo

ArcSight and time stamps demo

ArcSight asset update demo

ArcMC & ADP Demo / Walkthrough:

ArcSight ADP 2.0 demo

Setting up Remote Management with ArcMC

ArcSight ArcMC and Marketplace Update

ArcSight Event Broker Demo

ArcSight & Hexadite - automation and remediation integrated

ArcSight & Hexadite demo walkthrough

ArcSight Hexadite content walkthrough

Pattern Discovery / Threat Detector - 3 session training course

ArcSight Pattern Discovery Training Session 1 - YouTube

ArcSight 'What Is?' Series - 5 session course

What is ArcSight? - YouTube

ArcSight ESM / Express Console training session - 7 session training course:

ArcSight Console training - Part 1 - YouTube

Content on Protect724:

Linux install of SmartConnector for Syslog to a CEF file

Workstation install of SmartConnector for Test Alerts to ESM

Create Logger Configuration Backup via Web UI

Install Arcsight Console on Windows OS

Search and Export Event from Logger Web UI

Collect Connector's Snapshot via Connector Appliance Web UI

Install Arcsight Console on RedHat Enterprise Linux GUI

Setting up Arcsight Console Launcher on Linux GUI

Collect SmartConnector Support Log via Arcsight Console

Adding CA Certificate on a Container via Web Interface

Create Configuration Backup via Web UI and Save to Remote Server

Change User Password via Web UI

Create Configuration Backup via Web UI and Save to Local Client

Videos from partners & integrators:

CyberArk - Cyber-Ark integrates with ArcSight ESM for real-time privileged identity monitoring and compliance

We Ankor - RSA ECAT, HP ArcSight and Payload Security VxStream Integration by We Ankor

We Secure - We! Analyze - Automated ArcSight Connector Log Analyzer

We Secure - We! Analyze - Automated ArcSight Connector Log Analyzer On Linux OS

Verdasys - Verdasys ArcSight demo

Defence Point Security - Splunk Real-Time Output to ArcSight

Solera / BlueCoat - HP ArcSight and Solera DeepSee Integration

Nexthink - Arcsight - Nexthink Integration

Nethink - One click integration to see threat you're missing today -- Nexthink with ArcSight

Forescout - ForeScout-ArcSight Integration

Analytics demo - Analytics for ArcSight – Demo

Invincea - Invincea ArcSight Demo

Paladion Networks - Get Controls Of Your IT Environment With ArcSight

Paladion Networks - Get Better Insight Into Your Analysis Through ArcSight Interactive Discovery

HP Videos:

Odd Todd and HP Logger

HP ArcSight Video Logger OddTodd General

What amazing things will you do with HP ArcSight?

HP ArcSight Application View Installation

HP ApplicationView

Training videos:

HP2-W102 - Selling HP ArcSight Test Security Exam Solutions Questions

HP0-M68 - ArcSight Test ESM v6 Exam Security Administrator Questions

HP0-M54 - ArcSight Test ESM Exam Security Analyst Questions

HP0-A100 - HP Test ArcSight Exam Security Solutions Questions

HP0-M54 - ArcSight ESM Security Analyst

HP HP0-A116 ATP - ArcSight Security V1 Test Preparation

HP2-W102 Selling HP ArcSight Security Solutions

HP0-A100 HP ArcSight Security Solutions

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