How to stabilize EPS Out on the Logger?

We have an architecture currently which is the following:

Smartconnectors --> Logger --> ESM

We have filtering mechanisms on the smartconnectors, but the logs on the logger are forwarded in full without exceptions to the ESM. In the past days, we have had some caching problems on the smartconnectors and logger which has led to some irregularities in the EPS counts on Logger and ESM. Currently, the EPS (In & Out) on the logger looks like the following picture (attached).

EPS In looks fine but EPS Out is fluctuating a lot which has got me worried.

Did any of you guys have such a problem before? What could be the cause? Where can I start to investigate? Any tips would be helpful and a good start.

Thanks in advance,



  • You have to filter out the events you do not need via the connector.  So Identify the large volume of "EPS in" via the logger and determine if its important. Then dive into the connector that's receiving the large volume of unwanted events.  Find the filter out section.  Example - externalId EQ "5156" And deviceVendor EQ [IgnoreCase]  "Microsoft"