Arcsight Logger CA certificate install

Hello All,
We are currently running Arcsight Logger version 5.2 installed on RHEL 5. As far as i know the logger ship with self-signed certificate. My main task is to to install CA-signed certificate on our system.

We already have generated a certificate signing request at the System Admin > SSL Server Cerificate page, next we obtained the CA-signed certificate.

Now we have CA-signed certificate and also we obtained the root certificate of the CA.

Is it need to import the root certificate on Arcsight Logger?
Where the root certificate that signed our system's certificate should be located? What the steps to import it?
  • it does not make sense to install the root-CA certificate on your logger (unless you are using Client certs of this CA on your clients). Your Clients (that connect to logger) need to accept the CA. There are usually three types of Clients that connect to your logger:

    1. Browsers connect to logger-GUI. If your browser/client-OS accept the CA you can connect to logger-GUI without any warnings/hazzle concerning the logger certificate. If not already done, add root-CA to your clients that connect to logger-GUI.
    2. SmartConnectors send data to logger. You can add the root-CA to the according keystore on your connector server using keytool/keytoolgui.
  • (continue 2.) But to be honest, you don't have to do this. Whenever you set up a destination (e.g. your logger) for a SmartConnector, the installer asks you to accept/download the destination's certificate. So the certificate is accepted without 'knowing' the root-CA certificate

    3. syslog (no encryption, no certificate)