ESM6 ingest first indication of something else bad..?

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Answer wrote:

You need to add a line in the server.defaults.wrapper.conf file, in the additional parameters section.

My line:

The index (12 in my case) needs to be adjusted depending on your file and changes you may have done to it.

NOTE: Do not modify this parameter without first consulting support.  This is a pretty dramatic change and there is definitely a wrong way to do it!

We finally have tested this in both our production and development environments.  We haven't had a reoccurrence in Dev in about 3 months and in prod in about 1 month.  This seems like a success.  We have had moments where the ESM will start to cache across the connectors, but it seems to recover without a restart.  Thanks for helping and all the support everyone, I am sure there may be other symptoms that are similar, but this specific issue seems to be resolved on our system.

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I know this is a fishing expedition, but im hoping we aren't the only ones going through this...  Maybe as a group we can combine our knowledge and findings..

Basically we have a system which we have been running in production between 10-25k EPS on ESM6 patch 1.

System specs are beyond recommendations (512gb ram, SSD in raid 10, 4x10 xeons).

Anyway - under normal circumstances our system does not have issues (besides ones already identified in other threads).  But periodically (random ~1-2 time per month max, we have gone 2 months with no issue) we have this slowdown, it is visible in nearly everything, and a manager service restart fixes the issue completely.

Noticed symptoms:
-Insertion rates overall go down drastically (all connectors - normally we maintain between 50-80ms ingest on monitor:102 events, after slowdown 200-500 )

-ESM Garbage collections happen extremely frequently (normally they are 1/hr, they will be sporadic ~10-30minutes apart)

-Large trends slow down drastically (usually take about twice as long)

-CPU utilization goes up dramatically (normally we maintain 10-20% CPU at peak, it will spike and maintain 60-70% )

Our investigations have come up fairly dry:

-The slowdown does not occur at specific timeframes, thus far seems random - occurs maybe 1-2 times per month max-

-Does not start necessarily during EPS peaks (we normally peak around 10am PST - this has occurred at night, sundays, and at 2pm - no definitive time/eps correlation)

-I do have monitoring set up looking for resource changes (trends/lists/etc) and nothing has come up conclusive

-Restarting the ESM/manager service *only* completely resolves the issue (not the server, MySQL, logger, etc)

      -^^^Adding to the restart fixing - ZERO other changes are made to the system (conf, content, event/filtering/aggregation, etc)

To be honest, I am a bit at a loss...  Has anyone else come across something similar - found resolution or made headway?

Just for full disclosure link below contains our system specs and configured parameters:

Edit: 9/24/2014 - I don't know why this wasn't done earlier... But wrote a quick script that will put all of your full GCs in order

grep "Full GC" -A1 /opt/arcsight/manager/logs/default/server.std.log* | awk '{print $6 " " $7 " | " $9 " " $10}' | sort