Unable to add second destination to connector with same receiver name

Hello Guys,

Has anyone else experienced issues when attempting to add a second destination to a connector when the receiver name is the same as the first destination?

we have two loggers 6.1 patch 1 and an ArcMC 2.1

I have had this problem on 7.1.6 of the connector.

As a work around i attempted to use a 7.1.7 version of the connector. This did initially work and I could see events on both loggers from one connector however I stopped it and when I restarted the service I no longer have any events on either logger.

I recieve the error message:

Connector [connector name]

Error [com.arcsight.common.l.b: Connection to [second logger hostname] port 443 and receiver [receiver name] failed 0-event message test]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.