Can flex connector delete a file instead of add .processed at the end of file name.

Hello expert, Please I have a json flex connector and i would like to know if there is parameter i can modify to all the flex connector to delete the file processed instead of add .processed at the end of the file name

  • There is a generic setting that should work. It works for file based FlexConnectors, but not sure about the REST one. However you should find it on page 127/128 of the FlexConnector guide - ArcSight REST FlexConnector Developer’s Guide

    Two settings - onrotation and onrotationoptions cover the things you can do - its in the for the connector so should work - not tied to a particular FlexConnector.

  • Verified Answer

    In your file make this change and it should do the trick:


    instead of what is probably in there now:



  • Hi this possible, neither renaming nor deletion is done to the file.

    I mean, the connector just reads the file newly added to the folder and doesn't act anything (such as renaming or deleting the processed file) after processing that.Again when a new file is added to the folder this is repeated.

    Since the files within the folder are used by other applications (here in my organization) I'd need to workout this.

    Also there are multiple files written to this folder and my connector needs to read one among those and ignore the others. How do I achieve this? by utilizing the 'extract field name' in agent properties file? but the filename formats are similar

    Ex: xxxx16112016.log and yyyy16112016.log where I need to read xxxx.16112016.log

    Would appreciate your help on this.