Opportunity for sponsored Activate Working Group

Activate Developers Workshop


Hello all,


HPE Security is hosting a HPE ArcSight Activate two week training workshop.
This is your exclusive opportunity to participate in a workshop and possibly receive training on HPE ArcSight Activate as well as provide you the chance to engage with your industry peers. We are excited to be hosting this event to bring the HPE ArcSight Developer Community together to provide hands-on development, testing, and collaboration.

This is a working group, and will be structured for two weeks of rigorous ArcSight Activate content development. Our goals for this effort are not to have a conference or just be a seminar, but to:


  • Enhance existing Activate Content
  • Develop a substantial new set of Activate Content
  • Build a community of Activate developers
  • Build relationships among HPE ArcSight ESM customers, HPE ArcSight Professional Services consultants, and HPE ArcSight R&D members
  • Refresh our customer's knowledge of the Activate Framework


The agenda will have two tracks, for Activate beginners (novice) and advanced Activate developers (skilled).


We hope to see you there!


Date: March 7th- March 18, 2016
Time: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm PST (meals will be provided)
Location: Marriott San Mateo

Space is limited. Please register today.


Registration: Instructions - Lanyon


Questions? Contact the Marketplace team at arcsightmarketplace@hpe.com


Thank you,

HPE ArcSight R&D


This document was generated from the following discussion:

  • This sounds like a great idea, but 2 weeks of notice to get people scheduled to be gone for 2 weeks is not possible in our organization. 

    We would be interested in supporting future events, but need 4-6 weeks of heads up to work scheduling etc.

  • Please accept our apologies. We tried to give as much advanced notice as we could, but there wasn't really enough time. It's complicated, and that's about the best I can say. That being said, it is starting to look like a future event will be possible. We will give everyone much more notice.

    Please be patient with us, this is the first time we've ever tried to do this type of event, and given our compressed timeline (definitely not our choice), arranging the venue and facilities was quite a challenge. We were two days into last week before I actually realized this was actually happening. As you might guess, our perception of our efforts and our perception of reality have just started to sync up.

    I would like to tell you how amazed I am at the working groups that have assembled so far. We're halfway through this event, and I'm very proud of what they've done so far. The mix of HPE ArcSight customers, partners, professional services consultants, R&D team members, and security researchers, thrown into one location, has resulted in a lot of incredible discussions and some really good work.

    We will try to get all the results of this available to the greater Activate Framework community on Protect724 soon, but there is a lot to do, so please be patient. We will be updating the Activate Wiki, publishing a lot of content on the ArcSight Marketplace, and giving you a lot of information about what all has improved and what has changed in the next few weeks.

    And again, I promise, the next event will be announced with a lot more time for folks to be able to participate. However, we do not expect the groups that are working now to just stop this upcoming Friday. In addition to updating the Activate Wiki and publishing updated and new content, we will set up Working Group Topics in the Activate Framework area for the improvements to continue. If you were not able to participate in this event, you will be able to join in, or at least monitor, ongoing activity resulting from these two weeks. That will help you be better prepared for when the next event happens!

    Thank you,