Security System Monitoring

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The Security System Monitoring package is available on the ArcSight Marketplace (Micro Focus Marketplace - Activate Packages).
  • There is a minor issue with Activate Base, it is missing a global variable (GV), /All Fields/ArcSight Activate/Core/Field Manipulation/Convert Type/dvcIpToString, which is needed by one or more of the C-System Security Monitoring packages. The file contains the GV. If you need it, please download and extract the zip file, and import dvcIpToString.arb via the ESM Console.

    This issue is corrected in Activate Base Please accept my apologies for this issue.

  • Hi,

    I have installed this arb package on top of my ssm installation, and it seem to be working however im not able to get the notifications sent according to the rules, are you able to provide more guidelines regarding the notification topic? is it necessary to have a vm template other than the one configured in the rule?

  • We've been using the SmartConnector Monitoring pack over a year now. Recently we have seen a few strange Connectors poping up in the Active List named "Connector", they are all called "[Restart Connector Behind Logger]". We have restarted our Loggers and their Connectors but these Connectors still have these names. Anyone know what they might be?