ESM Content Authoring Best Practices

Attached is the latest version of the ESM Content Authoring Best Practices guide.

This is a living document, and there is much to add. Please feel free to post questions and comments below.

Topics to address (as of 2017-10-23):

  • Asset Categories
  • The priority fields in setting event fields in rule actions
  • Package obfuscation|Users and removing users, especially with respect to content issues and package imports
  • Derived fields, especially the requestURL fields, especially checking for requestUrlHostName IS NOT NULL, and user requestUrl IS NOT NULL, insteadAggregation on Name
  • About COUNT(eventID) and SUM(aggregatedEventCount)
  • Managing content sync packages

Things to explore:

  • Test enforced filters on rules (it works on DMs)
  • Test permissions for assigning events to other users in other groups (e.g., /All Users/Default User Groups/Operators and /All Users/Default User Groups/Operators/Analyst)

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