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This is the official forum for discussing the basic ArcSight Activate P-Palo Alto Networks product package.

  • Hi,

    I followed the documentation guide :  but it doesn't contain usefull information. Could you please advise what i'm missing here.

    Actually when i installed the PaloAlto Package, i was expecting a Dashboard or a Report, but none does exist!

  • Hi Mustapha,

    We are scheduling an update to the Palo Alto Networks product package. It is listed on the Activate Development page.

    At this point, all the product packages are primarily built to support the solutions packages (L1-<monitoring layer> - Indicators and Warnings, etc.). The primary workflow for Activate is through the Main Channel (aka the Triage channel), which is intended to bring attention to actionable events for a level one security analyst. We are not against reports and dashboards, but for most security team workflows, active channels are the primary resource to monitor.

    As all Activate content is community based, we are hoping that someone who has access to PAN devices can help us update the Palo Alto Networks product package. This can include reports and dashboards, of course! If you are not able to contribute to the package, you can help by describing what sorts of dashboards or reports you would like to see for this product package.

    Hope this helps,



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