Rename OS-User "arcsight" for ESM 6.*c

Hi there!

According to our company compliance, we have to follow a naming policy for technical users. Based on that, the name "arcsight" as OS user is not allowed.

Since installing ESM with a different name than "arcsight" is not possible - can we safely rename the user after installing the software? Has anyone ever done this?

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  • I had raised the question to ArcSight, whether there is a chance to install ESM as a different user than "arcsight". They claimed it's not possible and there were no plans to change that behaviour. Perhaps it's worth a feature request.

    However, I like your idea. Why don't you try it? Perhaps we can benefit from your research.



  • Hi Heiko!

    Of course I will try it once I have the OS to test. But maybe someone has done that before and can share his findings Otherwise I'll do.

    But...chances are that we are running off support if we rename the user. Therefore I guess it's better to alter my ongoing support ticket in a feature request and provide the number here. If many customers will attach to that, maybe "they" overthink their plans and different names will get supported.

    best regards to DUS!


  • Verified Answer

    Hi everyone!

    To use a name at our option for installing and running ArcSight ESM 6.0c/6.5c, I have filed the following Feature Request:

    ESM-51409 - Use another name for OS-User than "arcsight"

    Anyone feel free to get you attached to this ticket for increasing the priority.