integration command

what is the function and working of integration command can  please give brief introduction about it ?

  • Hi,

    Integration commands enable you to link from the ArcSight Console to information in other views and applications. You can also build and launch commands locally and on remote servers or appliances, using field values in events as command parameters. You can
    configure the commands as context-aware, right-click options on different views, resources, and editors on the ArcSight Console.

    Configurations can define valid data types and selections for a set of commands. For example, you could configure a set of URL commands to run as a right-click on a selected cell in an active channel and accept only IP addresses as data types.

    The ability to integrate commands for various applications means the ArcSight Console can serve as a central hub for defining, managing, and launching TRM actions, Logger searches, and third party applications, as well as local ArcSight scripts. You can also
    configure and manage role permissions and access lists (ACLs) for tools and commands in the ArcSight Console.