kasper DB connector and sql server 2014


Can anyone help me about installing kasper DB connector for Antivirus server with sql server 2014?

when connector installing , returns following error:

AV connector error.png

soc user is a sql user and kasper DB (SQL server) administrator can login with soc user but my connector can not login to sql server

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  • In addition, ensure to check the section in the Guide about the JDBC driver and the authentication, in your screenshot I do not see the part about 'integratedSecurity=true at the end of the URL string.

    Some other KB artcile that will be good to check are these:

    SQL User Privileges: KM1271057 - KM1271571

    Best Practices and Troubleshooting: KM1271860

    and the main one as in my previous comment, Error: Unable to detect DB: KM1406943


    A simple test is to use an SQL client in the same network segment of the Connector and try to connecto to the DB, if that fails then the Connector will fail too, review the KB articles and Config Guide :)

    Hope these helps.