Rule Condition: inActiveList condition evaluating Count field as Greater or Less than

Is it possible to have an evaluation of something in an Active List with a real-time rule that only cares and takes action if the count of those entries in the list is greater than or less than a specified number?

For example, I have a rule that adds domain users to a list that contains a username and hostname of a systems that are being logged into. User 'JSMITH' logs into domain.system 10 times over the course of a day. I want to create a rule that sees JSMITH logging in, checks to see if he exists in my list, and then looks at the Count field. If it's less than 10, it ignores it. If JSMITH has already logged in 10 times before the entry expires off the AL, I want the rule to take an action.

The problem is, when you create an InActiveList condition on a rule, it only gives you the option to map user defined fields, not anything like the Count, Date Created or Date Modified fields. Even if you could map them, I'm not sure how you'd be able to do a greater/less than because it seems to be limited to equals only.