Automated Connector Log Analyzer - 'We! Analyze' V3.0.0.0 Trial Version

Hello All,

Following the previous post on 'We! Analyze' (, I'm pleased to upload a trial version for anyone who might want to give it a try.

The ZIP file attached contains:

  • We!Analyze_v3.0.0.0 Trial Version X64.exe – The program in 64bit format.
  • We!Analyze_v3.0.0.0 Trial Version X86.exe – The program in 32bit format.
  • We! Analyze V3.pdf – A short presentation describing We! Analyze and its capabilities.
  • We! Analyze - Trial Version Vs. Full Version.pdf – A short presentation regarding all the differences between the trial version and the full version.

The trial version will be available until July 21st or until 75 analysis are performed.

Please view the previous post prior to downloading and watch the following video demonstration:

'We! Analyze' contains a useful 'Help' section (upper-right part of the first screen) which should answer any questions you may have on how to use it, however if you have any question, require any assistance, have any kind of problem or suggestion or if you wish to receive the full version of 'We! Analyze' please feel free to contact me at any time:


Visit us:

We! Analyze V3.0.0.0 Trial
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