Gartner report 2016 on SIEM capabilities

Hello People,

According to Gartner report 2016 Arcsight is not in top 5 (on Vendors' Product Scores).

What do You think does it loosing the market to splunk,Qradar .

Gartner Reprint


  • Its a Joke....How ArcSight is leaving the Leaders Quadrant.. Intel and EMC!! Seriously how did they even make it to Leaders is still a mystery!!! Corruption runs everywhere!!... ArcSight, QRadar and Splunk are the only solutions should be on Leaders based on ppl who work on the tool.

    Intel sells Nitro for 90% discount.. For sure any one will go for's funny it is on leaders... It won't take more than 2 mins to crash any Nitro deployments if you touch their poorly configured aggregation and annoying Flash...

    Only security company using Most vulnerable Flash for providing security.. LOL. Anyone can bypass their login without breaking a sweat

    On the other hand QRadar is coming up well. Even though it has lot of flaws like Nitro. But they are doing comparatively better. But cracking their own database schema will take ages for their own Developers. Such a mess.

    If the ArcSight doesn't change their Strategy on Presales and Money minded Licensing factors. They are going to lose big time in market not considering the next Gen platform support.

  •    I agree wid u that   Idealy ArcSight, QRadar and Splunk are the only solutions should be on Leaders based on people who work on the tool. It seems like rating has been given as per presales and clients feedback. Customers always keen on commercial elements and costing.

    ArcSight 7 is rumored to on Web based platform like other SIEM's which is expected to be released in 2017. Replacing the CORR-E with Vertica DB. Big change again like Oracle to CORR-E. Definitely ArcSight will be out of Leaders Quadrant when it happens if they doesn't support data migration from CORRE to Vertica. If they still come up with some nasty professional service for it... It's Gone.

    But as long as QRadar and Splunk are not making huge progress... ArcSight will survive for another 5 years hopefully!!