How to set the required filed of a Rule

Hi ,


Can anyone suggest How to set the required filed  of a Rule while triggered  with its matching condition i,e  the rule will only triggered minimum or required filed information. Actually i am getting all the field values which is not at all relevant.




  • If I understand it correctly you want to generate correlated event once conditions are met. And you would like to propagate some fileds to correlated event right? Those fields are automatically propagated to correlated event once you put them under aggregation tab in to the section "Aggregate only if these fields are identical". 

    If you just want to manualy manipulate field in correlated event you can do that under Actions tab click on Add on selected trigger and there is option to "Set Event Field" here you can fill any value or variable to any field and you don't need to add it in to the aggregation tab.


  • Hi Stephen,

    thanks for ur we have tried to set the Action set to particulate the required fields, but no luck.


    Lets try to aggregate the same per identical fields...Actually need to notify the minimum field information against a co-related event.


    thanks again..