FlexConnector Parser - Fatal Exception - Unknown State 2

I have created a FlexConnector to log data from a *.csv file in a directory. I have got the connector working but it is not parsing any data. The log says that the file is processed correctly but I can only see an empty event in my ArcSight Logger. When checking the agent.out.wrapper.log and agent.log it is getting a Fatal Exception Error - Unknown State with state 2. I can't find anything about parser states in the documentation or on the software support site. I've attached my *.properties file for reference.


INFO   | jvm 1    | 2017/03/31 11:14:32 | FATAL EXCEPTION:

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2017/03/31 11:14:33 | Parser : Unknown State !(


[2017-03-31 11:14:32,669][FATAL][default.com.arcsight.agent.sdk.a.q][Tokenize] Parser : Unknown State !(  with state :2).  Line:"...***redacted****

[2017-03-31 11:14:32,669][ERROR][default.com.arcsight.agent.baseagents.a.a.a][processLine] [java.lang.RuntimeException: Parser : Unknown State !(  with state :2).  Line:" ...***redacted***

at com.arcsight.agent.sdk.a.q.a(q.java:450)

at com.arcsight.agent.sdk.a.q.k(q.java:418)

at com.arcsight.agent.parsers.h.f(h.java:397)

at com.arcsight.agent.parsers.h.b(h.java:755)

at com.arcsight.agent.parsers.h.d(h.java:806)

at com.arcsight.agent.baseagents.a.a.a.e(a.java:202)

at com.arcsight.agent.baseagents.a.a.a.a(a.java:186)

at com.arcsight.agent.baseagents.a.m.run(m.java:860)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)