Use of offset collection and schedule in trend?

Hi All,

I have two queries in trend.

1. Offset Collection will make trend to wait for time set (i.e 1 day) and then run to collect 1 days old data. But is it good practice? If I am getting all the events on time, do I still need to consider this. This creates confusion in the trend output and makes the troubleshooting harder. But ESM notifies to include it as best practice to avoid the impact on event insertion performance in DB. How true is this?

2. If I set interval as 1 hour and schedule as every 6 hours. I have will have trend running 4 times a day with 6 queries and if I set the schedule once in day, I will have trend running once (waking up once) and running 24 queries for me. Which is better and why? Please correct if my understanding is wrong