Create use case for device not logging for 30 minutes


I need to create a use case which would trigger an alert if a device say Fortinet UTM does not log for say 30 minutes due to some issue.

Can someone please assist  me with this?

  • 1) Within the SmartConnector's Destination parameters, enter the value '1800000' under the Enable Device Status Monitoring - to generate a Connector Device Status event for this SmartConnector every 30 minutes.

    2) Create a Rule which has the following conditions (to capture internal events where there hasn't been an event since last count - 30 minutes ago):

         a) Device Product = ArcSight

         b) Device Event Class ID = agent:043

         c) Device Custom Number2 = 0

    3) Aggregate on (at least) identical Agent Host Name (SmartConnector name) and select an Action to fit your alerting requirements.

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply!

    I just had a question that why we had kept Device custom number 2 as 0?

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  • Hi Vishesh,

    Within the agent:043 event, the deviceCustomerNumber2 field provides the Event Count Since Last Count number.

    Therefore, if the value is 0 and you have your Device Status Monitoring set to 1800000, this means that the SmartConnector has not received an event from the source device in 30 minutes.



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