Unable to load JDBC driver [org.relique.jdbc.csv.CsvDriver] (org.relique.jdbc.csv.CsvDriver)

Hello All,

I am trying to install an Actor Import Flex Connector. I am using the approach based on CSV JDBC approach. In this case the CSV file will be my database. To enforce the CSV file as a DB, i have created a METADATA file with the necessary data (as per the user guide). Now when I try to install the connector, I get the following error, any idea on this?

Connector table parameters did not pass the verification with error [0:Unable to load JDBC driver [org.relique.jdbc.csv.CsvDriver] (org.relique.jdbc.csv.CsvDriver)

I have downloaded the CSV JDBC driver from http://csvjdbc.sourceforge.net/ and placed it to /current/user/agent/lib

Thanks and Regards,
Siddarth T

  • Try putting the driver in: $ARCSIGHTHOME\current\lib\agent

    In agent.properties change the line

    Adjust the database URL to match the syntax:


    Restart the process and you should be able to see the new driver as a selection item when creating the connector.