Logger File Transfer rename or delete remote log files


I have Logger version 5.0.

I know that i can create File transfer and file receiver. I need to use SCP or SFTP so i use File Transfer.

In the remote Server i have several log files. I schedule the logger to retrieve logs every hour but i see that these log files are always as they are on the remote server, so the logger read every hour all the files again. I have duplicated events.

In File receiver is an option to rename or delete the remote log files.

Is there any option on File Transfer receiver to rename or delete the remote files when they are read?

Thank you and best regards


  • Hi Jose,

    We are also facing similar issue. Did you found any workaround for this that you won't mind share. Please let me know if you have any solution. In my case it is FTP job is dumping files every day which includes duplicates. Connector reads these files as it is new to it every time it arrives. I hope you got my issue. Hence the connector is reading duplicate logs every day.


    Aneesh Salimkumar