Map File(s) Fail

We've installed and configured the Symantec Endpoint Protection DB smart connector.

We've also "Map'd an Additional Data Name", (Mappings for Symantec\Endpoint_Protection:GROUP_ID=>flexString1), which we've confirmed is working. This populates the string "9C39DE190AC40F1C009D3F5ACBB02B19" in the field flexString1.

However, we're also trying to add two map files to D:\ArcSightSmartConnectors\NADTC3-CONW007-SEP1\current\user\agent\map:


/All Customers/CompanyName



9C39DE190AC40F1C009D3F5ACBB02B19,/All Customers/CompanyName - Division

Even-though we've tried numerous combinations in the map file(s), we have been unable to have the value in flexString1, 9C39DE190AC40F1C009D3F5ACBB02B19,  map to "/All Customers/CompanyName - Division" and populate the value "/All Customers/CompanyName - Division" into the "customerURI" field whenever the string "9C39DE190AC40F1C009D3F5ACBB02B19" is encountered by the flexstring1 field..

The "" file is working and populating the value "/All Customers/CompanyName" in the field "customerURI". But the "" file is not working and is leaving the value "/All Customers/CompanyName" that was populated in the "customerURI" field by So it appears that is being ignored.

Does anyone have any ideas on what we're doing wrong here?

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