Hadoop and ArcSight Bi-Directional Integration

Please see the attached recorded webinar and corresponding documents that demonstrate a non-supported "proof of concept" integration between Hadoop and ArcSight.  This integration is based on previous work completed by HP: 

My only "request" is that you watch the entire 49 min. video before attempting to set this up!  If you follow the steps provided in the attached doc 'Hadoop and ArcSight Integration Documents.zip', you should have Hadoop installed and integrated in less than 2 hours (assuming you have extra hardware & time).

This is currently a community project, so please feel free to make improvements!  Best of all, it's free!     Please share your ideas, contributions, findings, etc. here with the rest of the community.

Happy Hadooping!

Edit:  I dialed into the webinar with my cell phone, so I apologize for the poor audio in the video.  Maybe we can conduct another session.

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