Squid Syslog Subagent Flex Connector Parser

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Dear Community,

I have recently accomplished developing a Squid Syslog Subagent parser and this made my life easier to not to install seprate squid connector, sharing log files over the network and lot many issues.

Now I have a Syslog Parser which parses logs from different Squid Versions:

Squid Version Tested:



Version 3.1.14 ( Current and latest stable ) This version was not supported with Squid SmartConnector.

Field Mappings are same as Squid SmartConnector with some little changes.

It also takes care of mapping device address field which is not in the case of Squid SmartConnector.

I'm attaching a RAR file which contains Squid.subagent.sdkrfilereader.properties file along with categorization file.

Place the parser in $ARCSIGHT_HOME\user\agent\flexagent\syslog\

and place the categorization squid folder in $ARCSIGHT_HOME\user\agent\acp\categorizer\current\

I'm also attaching screenshot for your information.

https://protect724.hp.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/3194-1-8099/12-4-2012 6-29-40 PM.png

https://protect724.hp.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/3194-1-8100/Squid Subagent Parser.rar



Squid Subagent Parser.rar