Is it possible to export/report on more than 10,000 rows?

I need to be able to export or else report via CSV far in access of 10,000 rows. (More like 25 million)

When I create a report to pull the data out of a trend as csv, it only exports 10,000 rows.

It's not an excel thing as I'm saving to the hard drive and opening with something else.

I've tried search for 'row limit', 'export' etc here but get nothing. (Except Logger stuff)

Does anyone have an idea how to go about this?

Thank you Folks,

-= Bruce

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    Hi Bruce,

    See the following thread ->

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  • I figured out the 10,000 row limit. Thank you for the million row limit link, I was unaware of that.

    I'll leave this embarrassing post here in case someone else runs into it before they drink coffee in the morning.


    Query parameters

    Row Limit

    'Use Default'  10,000

    uncheck, select '0' to get everything.

    I'm such a maroon.

    Thank-You Lar.

  • :-D

    Thank you for the response (and good humor)

    One thing to consider - exporting a huge number of events to CSV, please consider the size of that file which would be generated and which program you will use to try to open, if it actually get exported.

    Similar threads discuss this issue and are then quickly followed up with, what's the "use case"?

  • Use Case is reports for week, month, quarter, semi and annual.

    1 week of data in the trend exceeds the 'best practice' of keeping IDX's and Tables under 1GB. I'm going to have to export maybe once a week to csv, delete from trend, concatenate, and then run the reports with something like Crystal Reports. I haven't checked yet to see what the row limit is for CR. Thanks for the heads up, better do that now.

    I'm always up for better idea's. I'm quite new to this. (Obviously, 10k row limit...)

  • Logger API might be the route to go.

    Check these out and let me know if there is something you need

    (I recommend to follow the author - and then to check his posts)

    Further reading:

    Hope it helps

  • Good stuff. if only we were allowed to run Python here....

    I will follow Aaron Kramer. Thank you for the assistance Lar.

    -= Bruce