How to the value of a global variable send by counterAct?

Hello friends,

I have a value of the global variable, example: value is : "Political Assistant" and filed this value (my global variable) is "sfTr.translatedSourcefireClassification". I'm using the counterAct for send values for a file .txt by shell script. But the values this global variable don´t is received in my script. 

I belie that my syntax of configuration is wrong. A try resulted in receive :;${sfTr.translatedSourcefireClassification};policy-violation

at: = destinationAddress

${sfTr.translatedSourcefireClassification} is my value (show the parameter writed in integrattion command)

policy-violation = deviceEventCategory


Where can I be wrong?

  • Hmm without enough information it would be quite hard to tell, but here is a few pointers to start with:

    1. Variable Names does not resolve to the same name when used as a velocity expression, examples below where the values to the right is the ones you want. I think you might be having issues because of the "." in your variable name:

    Variable display name                     Velocity notation
    Credit Card Number                        $Credit_Card_Number
    dhcp.Hostname                                $dhcpHostname
    Login User.Account Number          $Login_UserAccount_Number

    2. There was no picture of your global variable configuration, if #1 does not work, could you please provide this?

    3. There is so many different formats on how to present local and global variables, in certain conditions they are required to be like this:


    Or this:


    Or even this:


    From what i understand of the basic information about it in the consoles user guide, you only use {} when chaining together, though this is not the case when using Execute Commands actions, so again i would advice to check option #1, then try these 3 formats based on what i mentioned at the top.

    If nothing works, feel free to let us know and we will try to figure it out.

  • Hi Marius,

    thanks for your attention.

    I've tried the three possible solutions, but I'm not successful. However, I did not really put enough information. Attachment I have more information that can help and clarify better how my variables are constructed and how I can help you figure out how to display the values via counterAct.