Logger Destination Question

We have several SmartConnectors with multiple Logger destinations and one of our loggers is currently having an issue.  I would like to stop the flow of events to that single logger but keep events flowing to the other loggers. Trying to prevent the cache from filling up on them.  I don't see a way to do that from the ArcMC SmartConnector WebUI.  Is there another way to do this besides deleting the logger destination and then re-adding it after the issue has been corrected?



  • Suggested Answer

    Go to the connector in question where you can see the connector parameters table and the destinations table with all of that connectors destinations. Find the troubled logger destination and choose the icon that looks like an arrow pointing to the right, when hovering over it, it will say "Send Destination Command" and hit it. 

    In the drop down box, select "Event Flow/Stop"

    That should be what you're looking for.