Documentation for Test Alert SmartConnector

Is there somewhere a proper documentation for the Test Connector?

I only found one from 2010 [1] which is not working for me. I installed the connector but it is shown as down continously in ESM. The service on the SmartConnector's server is running actively. The logs of it look good and do not display any errors or warnings.
Do I have to start it somehow else?


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  • Hi Carl,

    The Connector is a testalertng

    It is working now connecting properly to ESM but I seem to miss the point how to generate the event file.

    I tried to run

    ./arcsight replayfilegen -i console

    but get the error that replayfilegen is not supported. And indeed, there is no shell script for that in the scripts folder.

    Now, is there a proper documentation how I can send test alerts via the Test Alert SmartConnector?