ArcMC - Marketplace Certificate Replacement

Marketplace currently issues a certificate valid for only one year. The current certificate was renewed in early June 2017 and some different problems can happen:

  • ArcMC cannot connect to Marketplace
  • New installs cannot configure username and password to the website
  • New installs cannot download parser upgrades
  • Old install cannot download parser upgrades
  • Old install can download parser upgrades but a permanent red marker is observed
  • Dashboard contains a permanent red error

Follow these steps to fix the problem

Download the certificate from Marketplace


On Chrome press F12 or click on the 3 dots menu -> More tools -> Developer Tools

On the top, select the Security tab

Click "View certificate"

When the certificate window shows, switch to "Details" tab and click on "Copy to File..."

Hit Next on the first window and select "Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)"

Finish exporting the file and save it as marketplace.cer (just to make the process easier)

Copy the certificate to ArcMC

Use scp, Winscp, Mobaxterm or a pendrive to copy the file into the /tmp folder on the server

Copy the file to their destination

Replace <ARCMC_DIR> with:

  • Appliance: /opt/arcsight
  • Software: <INSTALL_DIR>/current/arcsight
    • <INSTALL_DIR> is the directory used during the installation of arcmc

Run as root

cp /tmp/marketplace.cer <ARCMC_DIR>/arcmc/config/certs/


chmod 0750 <ARCMC_DIR>/arcmc/config/certs/

Restart ArcMC Web Process

  • Software:

<ARCMC_DIR>/arcmc/bin/arcmcd restart web

  • Appliance

/opt/local/monit/bin/monit restart web