ADP appliance and Event Broker clarification

First of all i would like to appologise for my bad English.

If we get an ADP appliance.
Does that have Event Broker installed on it?
Or do we need to make an Event Broker cluster?
I assume that we do becouse the Event Broker wouldn't be redundant otherwise.

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    Hi Gergo,


    EB is not coming pre-installed on an appliance ( at least in this moment ) as you can find for ArcSight Logger. ArcSight ArcMC or ArcSight Express. You need to have a dedicated environment virtual or physical to install this product.

    For more information regarding types of deployment please read carefully the document from the following link: 

    Also, since this product is not a simple one I encourage you to open a discussion with your local MicroFocus Presale in terms of license and installation of the product.


    All the best,