Query New Software Logger

Hi All,

We are in process of Installing New Software Logger Server (7.1) in our environment running on RHEL 8.1 OS having New Server Hostname & IP Address for the New Software Logger.

We currently have Software Logger Server 6.5 installed on RHEL 7.2

Is there any way we can restore old archival logs or config backup from Old Logger to New Logger.



  • You can restore config backups (including archives metadata) only to the same version that the backup was taken on.

    You need to upgrade step by step: 6.5 -> 6.6 -> 6.7 -> 7.0 -> 7.1 or 7.0.1 (please ask your Micro Focus contact for advice on the target version; I believe 7.1 is not advised at this point in time).

    In case of fallback, you would have to install a fresh 6.5, import the configuration backup and upgrade again. Please be aware that logs between midnight and the time of the fresh installation are lost in that case.

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  • Thanks Heiha

    This is the last option which I am looking for as this will have multiple impact.

    1. We have to first install on New Hardware with same IP & Hostname then restore backup.
    2. Then change IP Address & Hostname of Server as per requirement
    3. Regenerate the certificate & do remapping and validation of all connectors
    4. Then gradually again upgrade both OS & Logger version.

    What I am thinking is Installing New Software Logger and do dual forwarding of Logs on both the Logger and then we can keep both the Loggers in parallel setup till we have same Archival retention period. If there is a way we can copy and restore the Archival Logs from Old Logger to New we can eliminate the parallel setup.

    Let me know if there are any suggestions (Current Logger Server upgrade is not feasible due to Limitation in Hardware specification)