The built-in All Monitored Devices List does not show any devices.

I want to get a list of active devices on my network to know what data is being collected, but for some reason the default "All Monitored Device" List isnt showing any devices. I can see a ton of activity from my devices on Activity Monitor, so I dont know whats preventing me from seeing them on this list. I also tried creating a new List to see active devices on my network, but it also doesnt show any results. Any idea what could be casuing this problem?

  • Hopefuilly you didn't edit any content inside the ArcSight Administrator folder? Like removing the old list? They all come with very specific requirements and default resource ID's etc.

    These lists are populated by agent:043 events, so please right click your connector in ESM, click configure, and check if health status events are enabled, if not then enable it and it should resolve your issue, worst case try to restart the connector after you have applied the change.

  • I believe you need to enable device status monitoring in the agent settings.