JSON folder follower connector parsing JSON array files where there are more than one type

Hi All,

I've installed a JSON folder follower connector to read a folder /data for content. My parser file, xyz.jsonparser.properties works for the JSON files being written to /data. They are all of one type i.e. contain the same name/value pairings. But, what if I want to use the same connector to read JSON arrays of a different type where the number of name/value pairings and content are completely different e.g. the array is longer??

Ideally, I would like to use a single JSON folder follower connector to read /data/folder1, /data/folder2, /data/folder3 etc. where each  of these folders has a different type of JSON file written to it.

To handle this, I would have a jsonparser.properties file for each type...

As things stand I can only pass JSON of a single type. There doesn't seem to be a way of adding multiple agents to the JVM such that the agent.properties file could have more than one agent referenced - this may not be supported for this type of connector and may not be performant?

Using an extraprocessor doesn't seem right because it's designed to parse again i.e. the extraprocessor is passed an already mapped field.

It could be an issue that with trigger node location - I am assuming that this is just the folder location/directory from where the JSON is read - the documentation is not clear on this.

I would be rateful for any thoughts/advice on this,

Kind Regards,