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what is the iLO default password?

Where can I find this?  I have a new HP connector and logger that I need to set up with Integrated Lights Out - the DRAC equavalent for HP.

Also going to open a support ticket, but who knows how long they'll take to answer.

  • For a new HP hardware Logger (L7400) ?  The default iLo password is on a paper tag hung off the front of the chassis.

    The older Dell hardware used “lifeli” (without quotes) for : L5100-SAN,
    N5100, C5100, L7100, M7100, and E7100.

    And they used “2oog3n” (without quotes) for: L5200, L7200,
    N5200, C5200, L3200, and E7200 .



  • Thanks - I tried the password off the hang tag and it doesn't work.

    I'm at the console directly attached to the appliance.  BIOS flashesup, then I hit F8 or something to get to a screen where I have to enter a password to access iLO

    I need to know that password.  Tried everything.

  • Could this be the issue?

    "For users with DHCP enabled (RECOMMENDED), you will not require the BIOS password to
    initially configure iLO. However you will need the host name (located on the machine) before

    proceeding.  For user with DHCP disabled, you will need to contact ArcSight support and obtain the BIOS
    password before proceeding with the steps below for initially setting up a static IP address."

    Is it the Bios password you need, not the iLo password ?

    I'm afraid I don't have that one if it is the case. I'm attaching the ArcSight iLo config guide that I got this out of if you want to see it.



  • thanks... already had that.  There's a section about holding down a button for a few seconds to bypass the password.  Coudn't find it on the chassis.

    I don't have a laptop or workstation to connect to the management port.  I'd like to simply use the KVM attached directly to the console.  I can get into BIOS with the password "arcsight", but not into iLO.

  • Hi,

    There's a tab that you can pull on the left side of the front panel. The iLO user (Administrator) and the password (random) is writen there.

    That tab was there on all the appliance I've seen (Express, Logger and ConnApp).

    See the attach picture.


    The iLO port is configure for DHCP. If there's no DHCP where your appliance is you can run this DHCP on your Windows laptop and connect an RJ45 cable from your laptop to the ArcSight appliance.

    Hope it helps.

  • Same issue with Logger 7400, Conapp 5400, and ESM 7400 - all HP hardware. No answer from support?

  • To disable password protection you could use iLo override switch. The instructions are available on the internal side of chassis cover or in HP server user guide.

    You could login, create new super user, disable override and then login normally, This way you will not need root password from support.

  • Thanks for all the input... Support sent me the bios/iLO default password.

    I used this password to log into iLO, grab the MAC Address, and change the IP of the management port.  While I was in there, I added a user with a password.

    My problem was never iLO web access - it was iLO console access.  We cannot connect patch any interfaces into switches without explicitly allowing the MAC address, and we also don't have DHCP.  Configuring a windows laptop to do the DHCP thing seemed like a pain.


    Boot the appliance

    hit "any key"... enter works fine.

    hit f8

    enter iLO console password - which support provided me, not posting here.

    document MAC, change IP, add a user.  Save, exit.

  • HI

    What is the default password for BIOS.

    We tried arcsight as password but it is not working.

    Please reply ASAP

  • 2Jared McQueen

    2Mathieu Saulnier

    Just FYI there is a way to assign an IP address on an unknown MAC address without setting up a DHCP daemon.

    1. Connect the server and laptop with cross cable
    2. Get the server MAC address with "arp -a"
    3. Set the desired IP to this MAC "arp -s 00-00-48-93-00-00"

    You could use this IP normally, for example "ping"

    More info here: