WebInspect concurrent license model


Could someone please help us understand the licensing model for WebInspect?

We have WebInspect concurrent license with one seat which is added to LIM. I would like to know if that can be used for multiple webinspect standalone application installation on different servers with different users. I believe multiply installation with same user will not work.

  1. How many sensor can be created for one seat concurrent license?
  2. Do 2 sensors on 2 different servers with same user can run scan on 2 different application simultaneously with one seat concurrent license?
  • We have configured sensor 1 in A server with X user and sensor 2 in B server with X user.
  • I tried to scan one application using sensor 1 and other application using sensor 2 simultaneously. Also tried to scan two different application using same sensor simultaneously. In both the case, one app is running and other is showing “License unavailable”.

So, if sensors configured in different servers with different users will perform scan simultaneously  (or) one seat permits only one sensor irrespective of the users?