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ArcSight Compliance Insight Package for NESA 1.0

The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) federal authority responsible for the advancement of the nation’s cybersecurity. NESA has produced a set of standards and guidelines for government entities in critical sectors in order to protect the UAE’s critical data/information infrastructure. This aligns UAE organisations and government with a stronger national cybersecurity posture. Compliance with these standards is mandatory for all government organisations, semi-government organisations, and business organisations that are identified as critical infrastructure to the UAE.

NESA’s UAE IAS lists 188 security controls and standards which are grouped into four different tiers, ranging in priority from P1 (highest) to P4 (lowest).

Compliance Insight Package for NESA uses ArcSight ESM features such as event categorization, threat prioritization, correlation, workflow, and case management. In addition, a comprehensive and easily customizable set of rules, dashboards, data monitors, and reports allows you to measure and report on compliance with the best practices described in the NESA standard.


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Pavan Raja